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Cranium has been working on their new Album PARIAH

Here's some info on Pariah ....

Pariah, is a word in Hindi, incorporated in the English dictionary, meaning OUTCAST.

In the making of this album, we have tried to come up with a new sound ( which could be classified as the new era of Indian Rock ) using tribal Instruments the effect can only be heard to be felt. Pie in the Sky ( Album: Pariah ) is one good example.

Its just a short wait before the mp3 s are out on this site. Till then, keep banging that head of yours....

Friday, September 28, 2001.
Cranium Lineup changes after 8 years

Cranium has announced their new lineup. “Veeru” (ex-drummer of ABHOR) has replaced Chintu as drummer.

Pursuit of an active Music Career, saw Cranium shift base to Mumbai from Kolkata. But the big move saw a dropout. Commitments kept the band’s Drummer Chintu back at Kolkata. Chintu had been a part of the band since its formation in 1993.

Cranium say “A part of our body has been torn out, the pain is immense, this wound will take a long time to heal”.

Pariah, Craniums featured single in Deepthroat will have the sound of the new lineup.

Pariah to be launched by Throatlatch Records

Band Has signed up with Throatlatch Records,for production and release of their up coming album Pariah.

Throatlatch Records
Official Cranium Fan Club
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